Ashkan Kheirkhahvash

Director of Business Development  (312) 943-8000

About Ash

Ashkan Kheirkhahvash brings over 12 years of specialized business development and investment experience to the firm. An expert in the investment & immigration field, Mr. Kheirkhahvash works directly with our investors to ensure their success in the United States and assists in navigating the complexities of the EB-5 Program and the E-2 visa process. Having held a number of key business develpment-focused positions at a wide range of successful international businesses, Mr. Kheirkhahvash has helped raise over 200 million dollars in funding through the EB-5 program and has successfully helped hundreds of EB-5 investors start new ventures in the United States during his career.

Over the years, Mr. Kheirkhahvash has developed strong immigration consulting skills while managing business and investment matters for many individuals, as well as local and international companies. With years of international business and investment experience, coupled with success stories in the United States and the Middle East, Mr. Kheirkhahvash’s strengths extend his ability to transform basic concepts into successful implementations time and time again. Mr. Kheirkhahvash has a proven track record of creating and successfully operating companies, and his accomplishments highlight his dedication to building winning businesses no matter the situation.