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Atom Law Group About Us

Atom law group was originated by SohYoon Atac in 2007. The goal was simple, delivering impeccable results for our clients.

Today as the firm has grown into multiple experienced attorneys, paralegals and business executives, our goal remains the same.

Atom Law Group is an asset for its clients, focused on assisting clients to grow both financially and structurally. We partner with you to best enable your unique vision and facilitate its execution to reality. We achieve this by:

  • Assisting our client’s efforts to raise capital;
  • Assisting our clients in structuring their business and protecting their business interests;
  • Assisting our clients in commercial disputes, both big and small.

Atom Law Group brings expertise from the trenches of a real business where growth, compliance, problems, and profits intersect across borders and cultures.

Our Purpose

Facilitate real commerce in the US and globally;

Foster genuine communication/connection of people of diverse backgrounds and interests;

Promote an environment for growth and aid in the fulfillment of our team member’s lives.

Our Mission

To champion and protect our clients through bold action borne of intellectual discipline and ingenuity.  Build genuine personal and business relationships through the law.

Our Vision

Become the most indispensable partner in business for our clients and our team

Our Core Values

Growth Mindset

Intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo, attitude of experimentation, progress.  Either you are growing or you are dying, there is no other option.

Personal Ownership

Ownership over work and culture, take initiative, be a problem solver (not a problem seeker), do everything with a sense of quality

Group Focus

Collaboration for better results/effectiveness, team success over individual success, have each other’s back (don’t point fingers), open and honest communication

Genuine Connections

strong relationships within Atom, with clients and others (deeper understanding of client’s needs)

Gratitude and Fulfillment

Enjoy coming to work, laugh and have fun with team members, be grateful and positive, work/life balance

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